Its 80HP EFI engine is designed, built and precision-tuned for high-performance. Explore the game-changing Stampede and find out what happens in a side-by-side that’s designed to dominate.


The numbers don’t lie. 80HP and an optimal power-to-weight ratio that helps you do more, more efficiently. Stampede’s robust engine uses 846cc of displacement to deliver more power, from an engine that knows how to use it wisely. Better fuel efficiency means more time riding – and less time fueling up. Our EFI engines deliver the right amount of fuel at the right time, to make the most of your ride. Accelerate, climb, tow and conquer. Stampede’s engine delivers big-time torque throughout its rpm range to help you dominate any challenge. This beast was precision-tuned by the same hands and minds that make engines for high-performance sports cars. Germans know engines, and they built this one to make sure you get every ounce of Stampede’s torque, horsepower and acceleration. Stampede’s engine runs like new for years to come thanks to its innovative dry sump oil system, which creates lower oil temps, less friction and better oil life. With a forged crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods, Stampede’s engine can stand up to extreme conditions and long hours without breaking a sweat. Even the most reliable engines need a little love. We built an on-board diagnostics code reader and reporter into Stampede’s LCD display, so you can quickly identify and fix any engine issues.

Stampede Suspension & Handling

Feel the thrill in your bones – without feeling it the next morning. Stampede is designed to take you anywhere and make every ride comfortable. Stampede can take a ton of punishment – and doesn’t mind dishing it out, either. But you won’t feel an ounce of it thanks to precision-tuned four-wheel independent suspension, which features 9.5″ of travel in the front and 10.5″ in the rear. From springs to shocks, our suspension system effortlessly conquers challenging terrain. Making turns over rugged terrain can throw drivers around the inside of a cab – unless they’re driving a Stampede. The front and rear sway bars reduce body roll while you’re cornering, so you get all the handling you need without sacrificing a smooth ride. Stampede’s select-ableAWD is ready when you are. Precision-tuned clutches provide maximum engine braking to slow the vehicle and reduce brake wear. Power doesn’t have to stop at the engine. Take command with a Stampede EPS model and get the most responsive steering available. With 11.25 inches of ground clearance, Stampede avoids most obstacles before they ever become a problem.

Stampede Hauling & Storage…

Gear up. Stampede’s truck-like extended cab delivers unparalleled storage, in addition to massive towing and bed load capacity. Take all your gear along for the ride with Stampede’s one-of-a-kind extended cab. Built to haul everything you need – and keep it all easily accessible. Within Stampede’s extended cab, you’ll find compartments that are custom-built for your gear. Guns, bows and tools fasten right into protected cab space, staying safe, secure and easily within reach. Stampede offers 24 Cubic Feet of Storage. If you can’t fit it, you don’t need it. Between the bed, dash pockets and extended cab, Stampede boasts the most cubic feet of storage in its category. 2,000-lb Towing Capacity, 600-lb Capacity Tilt Bed. Tow, haul and flat-out dominate. Stampede is built for any job, with all the power you need for a day of work or play.

Stampede Customization…

Our extensive line of accessories makes it easy to make Stampede your own. Explore them all here, or view our two popular ready-made packages, unique Fast-N-Latch system, and featured accessories.

The Hunter’s Package: Track, attack and transport your game with the Stampede Hunter’s Package, featuring accessories that help you with your hunt, and keep your bow or firearm close and secure. Includes: Hard Top, Split Windshield, Plate Brush Guard, Plate Rear Bumper, Gun Mount, Bow Holder, WARN® ProVantage 4500 Winch-Wire, Hood Rack, Light Bar Mount, 42-inch Curved Light Bar, 6-inch Flush-Mounted LED Light Bars (2).

The Workman’s Package: Stampede was built to do work. Our wide array of accessories let it do even more. Whether you need more storage space, more security for your stuff, or the ability to tow and haul, The Workman’s Package will help you get the job done. Includes: Hard Top, Full Windshield, Tubular Brush Guard, Tubular Rear Bumper, Fast-N-Latch Toolbox, Bolt-in Front Receiver, WARN ProVantage 4500 Winch-Synthetic, Light Bar Mount, 42-inch Curved Light Bar.

Our Fast-N-Latch system keeps your gear in place, while maximizing bed storage. Our purpose-built accessories are easily secured and interchangeable with a single tool. Enjoy unparalleled versatility with your Stampede. Fast-N-Latch accessories include: Fuel Storage, Toolbox, D-Ring Kit, Spare Tire Holder, Bed Extender, Bed Storage Net, Bad Boy® Off Road G50 Cooler.

Reliability you can trust…

Robust 2-Year WarrantyBB_2YRWarranty_Logo1-300x199

Years of testing, exacting standards and precise craftsmanship. We don’t think you’ll need our two-year warranty, but we’ve added it to give you more peace of mind.

Before you put Stampede to your test, we put it through ours. In the lab and in the field, we’ve subjected it to 800 hours of nonstop use. It’s also weather-tested from 0º – 120º F, and each component is separately stress-tested to strict standards. We pushed Stampede’s limits so you can push yours.

This vehicle is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Augusta, GA, home of Textron Specialized Vehicles. The facility is designed to ensure that every inch of your Bad Boy® is ready to ride on day one, with rigorous end-of-line testing, laser wheel alignment and automated systems for total consistency.

Been there, done that. Bad Boy is part of the Textron family, which has experience in building manufacturing brands like Bell Helicopter, Cessna®, Beechcraft® and Jacobsen®. Our engineers have also spent decades building high-end, off-road racing vehicles and automotive and military technologies.